state of geneva

city of lancy


new tramway line in joint venture with :

  • sumi & babel & cie (management)
  • T ingénierie sa (management substitute)
  • b+s ingénieurs conseils sa
  • geos ingénieurs conseils sa
  • buffo michel
  • avv architectes
  • hcc géomètres
  • citec ingénieurs conseils sa

scope of work of T ingénierie sa

  • management substitute of the joint venture
  • road project of the grand-lancy ramp
  • road project of the mallet roundabout
  • project of all the stations
  • project of the 1er août place


  • construction of a new tramway line
  • global transformation of the roads
  • displacement et rebuilding (even extension) of the drains and services affected by the project
  • various road and pedestrian works


construction start : january 2005

commissioning of the line : april 2006

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