kingdom of morocco
agency for the development of the bouregreg valley


  • development of the bouregreg valley in rabat (morocco), starting from the mohamed v mausoleum esplanade, over the bouregreg river
  • development including a tramway ramp, the moulay hassan mai bridge, a hollow abutment and the bridge over the nautical base
  • architect and projet management : marc mimram

scope of work of T ingénierie sa

construction design and drawings for the bridge over the nautical base, as subcontractor of egis france and for sgtm, contractor in charge of the work


  • architectural structure with concrete curved arches
  • complexe geometry, system equilibrated by counterweight and prestressing
  • concrete deck designed with tramway and road loads
  • electrical isolation of the prestressing cables to protect them from stray currents


construction 2008-2009

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