geneva construction department
urbanisation division and bridge division


  • urban integration project for the rapid transit system from cornavin railway station to the cern in geneva
  • project realised by a multidisciplinary team managed by zs civil engineers sa

scope of work of T ingénierie sa

conceptual design of all new bridges and modification of all existing structures required by the new line layout


  • 300 m long viaduct for the rapid transit system
  • 10 m wide bridge in urban area, founded in the middle curb of a 2 x 2 lane road
  • average span : 26 m
  • prestressed concrete bridge using pre-fabricated (matchcast) boxgirder sections to allow easy construction with minimum impact on traffic
  • statical height limited to 1.50 m to meet the requirements of traffic clearences and longitudinal profile slope limitations


  • design 2001- 2002
  • construction 2007-2009

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