state of geneva

swiss confederation


total rebuild of the ferney highway junction.

construction of the nations road, new connection road from the highway to the international organisations area.

the project is done by a joint venture of engineers, including : T ingénierie sa (manager), csd ingénieurs conseils sa, babel ingénieurs civils sa, citec sa, ney & hurni sa, acau

scope of work of T ingénierie sa

  • multi-field studies including civil engineering, transport, environment, geomatic and town planning.
  • management of the multi-field team, design of road infrastructure, bridge, cut-and-cover tunnel, retaining walls, etc.


the ferney highway junction needs to be rebuild because of the traffic increase, especially during the shows happening at palexpo. a direct connection from the highway to the international organisations area, called nations road, has been planned to reduce the transit traffic through the neighbour towns at rush hours. this road will also facilitate the access to the to international organisations once the tramway grand saconnex built, as it will severly reduce the traffic capacity of the ferney road. these projects include a new cable stayed bridge over the highway and a 650 m long tunnel under the grandsaconnex.


preliminary and design project 2005-2009

construction 2011-2013

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