The town of Thônex

Architects: H. Dessimoz & Eric Dunant


school complex including study rooms, a gymnasium, a multi-purpose hall, kitchens for the pupils,

additional facilities: service rooms and caretaker's lodge

T ingénierie sa services

  • mandate in association with C. Fischer SA
  • full engineering services as specialised engineer according to sia 103 art. 4.2


  • main dimensions of the whole of the complex: length 100m,  width 60m. the study room building is composed of a basement, a lower ground floor, an upper ground floor and a 1st floor.
  • embankment wall moulded all the way around the building
  • buildings constructed on reinforced concrete raft foundations.
  • load bearing elements, pillars, walls and slabs made from reinforced concrete.
  • slabs in the gymnasium and the multi-purpose hall made from prestressed concrete


design & planning: 1997-1998

works: 1998-1999

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