state of geneva
cff sa (swiss railways)


the val d’arve cut-and-cover tunnel is a part of the ceva project, a railway connection between geneva’s main station and the french city of annemasse. it is located between the pnchat tunnel and the bridge over the arve river.
the project is done by a joint venture of engineers, including :

  • T ingénierie sa (manager)
  • csd ingénieurs conseils sa
  • babel ingénieurs civils sa

scope of work of T ingénierie sa

as manager of the joint venture, T ingénierie sa leads the project and coordinates with owner’s management team.
T ingénierie sa does approx. 40% of the total work.


this low depth cut-and-cover tunnel is located in an urban area. the main difficulties are due to the fact that the tunnel is going through very permeable old alluvia in which flows the main geneva ground water used for drinkable water. an important collecting well for drinkable water is located close to the tunnel.


preliminary and design project 2005-2009
construction 2010-2011

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