state of geneva - departement of public works - bridge


  • highway twin bridges in prestressed concrete
  • multiple frame of six spans, double beam bridge
  • total length 304 m
  • side spans 36 m, main spans 56 m
  • loriginal width 11 m, after widening 13.90 m
  • total costs chf 21'000'000.-

scope of work of T ingénierie sa

conceptual design, detailed design, construction
management and site supervision


  • execution without any reduction of trafic (60'000 veh/day)
  • launching of a temporary bridge placed crosswise on the two bridges to allow the circulation of the trafic
  • creation of a permanent transversal imbalance in the structure to relieve the inside beam and concentrate the shear force strengthening in the enlarged exterior web
  • direct concreting of the new structure against the old one, without any cleavage joint
  • additional longitudinal and transversal prestressing
  • monolithical behaviour of the final “composite” structure


construction 1996-1998

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