government of the republic of equatorial guinea

contractor in charge of the construction : besix sa (bruxelles - belgium)


  • conctruction by cantilever method of two prestressed concrete bridges
  • the bridges are located on the boiko island, they connect the city of malabo to the airport

prestations de T ingénierie sa

construction design and drawings of the two bridges for the contractor in charge of the construction

caractéristiques de l'ouvrage

  • twin bridges, spaced approx. 30 m, with a total length of 134 m each
  • each bridge is composed of two cantilevers made of prestressed concrete box section
  • each cantilever has a length of 45 m
  • at final stage, the two cantilever are connected in the middle of the bridge with a shear connection that ensures the continuity of the vertical displacements of the deck
  • the stability of the cantilevers is obtained by their embedding in 4 heavy abutments founded between 11.00 m and 13.00 m under ground level, depending on the soil conditions


construction : 2006 – 2007

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