reunion island’s department of highways

contractors joint venture for construction :
vinci grands projets – dodin - eiffel


  • girder bridge with limited arch effect crossing a 170 m deep canyon
  • total span 290 m
  • abutments and girders made of prestressed and reinforced concrete
  • launched steel deck

scope of work of T ingénierie sa

work done as subcontractor of bureau greisch in belgium

construction design and drawings of the concrete elements : abutments and girders


  • complex geometry of the concrete elements embedded in the cliff
  • very large sizes of the abutments (approx. 50 m high, 55 m long and 35 m wide)
  • construction in very heterogenic basaltic soils with large areas of cinders and lava tunnels
  • construction of the girders by cantilever method


construction 2006 - 2009

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