housing foundations governed by public law
HBM Emile Dupont foundation

architects: Frei & Stefani SA


  • constructing four 3 and 4 storey housing blocks offering a total of 68 3 to 6-room flats.
  • partially excavated basements
  • housing blocks sia volume: 23,560m3
  • basement sia volume: 6,070m3
  • net rental floor space: 5,760m²

T ingénierie sa services

full engineering services as specialised engineer according to sia 103 art. 4.2


  • good quality ground without groundwater
  • excavation on slope.
  • stepped foundations with continuous footing under the walls and local pressure plates under pillars in the basement and reinforced concrete internal walls above-ground. metal poles on the south/west façade.
  • peripheral walls of the north/east façade in 30cm-thick, load-bearing, insulating bricks.
  • reinforced concrete slabs from the ground floor to the roof, tile lintel flooring on the underfloor space on the ground floor.


design & planning: 2003 - 2004

works: 2004-2005

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