MIGROS cooperative

Architects: Ugo Brunoni Bureau d'architecture


  • building of 4 additional floors, including 2 at basement level, in the inner courtyard formed by 6 buildings constructed between 1875 and 1934, creating a retail area of around 2,400m².
  • major repairs to all the residential buildings in the district.

T ingénieurie sa services

full engineering services as specialised engineer according to sia 103 art. 4.2


  • transformation of parts of the basement, the ground floor and the 1st floor of the existing buildings;
  • creation of large openings in the façades of the inner courtyard to connect the retail areas;
  • reinforcement of the foundations;
  • reinforcement of the flooring;
  • existing structure in meillerie stone, wooden flooring, roof: wooden trusses;
  • 50cm-thick moulded embankment wall to enable the 2 basement levels to be excavated to a depth of 10m below the water table.


design & planning: 1997 - 1998

construction: 1998 - 2000

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