Banque Cantonale de Genève

Jelmoli SA

Architects: Mentha & Rosset architectes SA / Galéras


renovation and transformation of the Molard halls, the Molard tower and buildings 56-56 bis rue du rhône including an inner courtyard.

T ingénierie sa services

joint mandate:

T ingénierie sa - Jorand & Roget SA

full engineering services according to sia 103 art 4.2 as specialised engineer


  • building dimensions: molard hall,56m x 16m, 56, 56 bis rue du rhône and inner courtyard, 52m x 16m
  • height of buildings: 25m
  • construction of a basement level under the ground floor:
  • construction of a sealed enclosure using the jetting method placed around the buildings to be excavated to enable a basement to be dug 2.5m below the level of the water table.
  • underpinning of the foundations and transfer of all the buildings' load-bearing structures on micro-piles sealed into the tight soil layer at 10m below the excavation level.


design: 1990 - 1998

works: 1998 - 2003

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