The canton of Geneva

Buildings department

Architects: P. Comé & A. Carlier


new school of chemistry at the University of Geneva, constructed in 2 stages

  • 1st stage completed in 1989
  • 2nd stage completed in 2003

T ingénierie sa services

joint mandate with M. Buffo & P. Moser
full engineering services as specialised engineer

  • 1st stage: basements and prefabricated buildings
  • 2nd stage: sandwich load-bearing prefabricated buildings


  • 5-storey building with basement designed with slab flooring on pillars
  • façades built from prefabricated sandwich pieces, the load-bearing part acting as supporting parapet for the slabs.
  • the access balconies are used as emergency exits for the laboratories - they are fitted in to the casing of the prefabricated pieces as well as to the stainless steel reinforcement going through the insulation


design & planning: 1999 - 2000

construction: 2001 - 2003

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