BNP Paribas - Geneva

Architects: J.-M. Bondallaz


  • full transformation of a building with 7 basement floors and 5 floors above-ground.
  • installation of an auditorium seating 200 spectators between the 3rd and the 1st basements. 300m² of space free from bearers.

T ingénierie sa services

full engineering services according to sia 103 art 4.2 as specialised engineer including site supervision.


  • major transformation of the building
  • removal of 2 load-bearing pillars on the 2nd and 3rd basement levels with consolidation of the foundations using prestressed supporting beams.
  • significant floor-openings made for 3 stairs-ramps.
  • major transformations to the structure's stabilisation cage throughout the whole of the building.


design: 2005

construction: January 2006 - March 2007

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