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 dsc7778T ingénierie sa also offers training for designers and technicians and has been given approval by the OFT (Federal Office for Labour).

Our active involvement in research projects in association with the institutes of technology and universities promotes open-mindedness, ensures the most up-to-date knowledge and interests young employees. This creates an environment in which more efficient structural solutions and improved integration are constantly being sought.

Young trainees are regularly monitored, either through apprenticeships, work placements, during their studies at institutes of technology or, through regular lectures given in structural steel work and statics at the Geneva Engineering School by members of the firm.

Staff continue their professional training through active involvement in training seminars given by various specialist authorities in Switzerland and abroad. Every two weeks at T-ingénierie this training is shared through internal forums during which feedback is given about the courses and information shared, leading to discussions about very precise technical subjects.

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