Our activities and areas of expertise

The firm's engineering activities focus primarily on :

  • Preliminary and feasibility studies, design studies, plans and details
  • Conceptual design, calculations, dimensioning of structures
  • Scheduling works
  • Managing multi- or mono-disciplinary projects
  • Works supervision - site supervision
  • Project management
  • Assisting the contracting owner
  • Surveys

We work mainly in the following flagship areas :

  • Structures :
    Engineered structures, bridges, platforms, long-span buildings, administrative buildings, housing, complex structures
  • Civil engineering :
    Shoring foundation ditches, anchoring, injections, tunnels and covered trenches, roads, piping
  • Transport infrastructure :
    Tramways, railway installations
  • Repairs and rehabilitation :
    Buildings, bridges, tunnels, etc.


T ingénierie's services are aimed primarily at :

  • Public owners - local authorities
  • Private owners, property owners
  • Developers or estate agents
  • Contractors: development of alternatives or execution projects
  • General businesses

Financial independence

T ingénierie remains independent from any contractors, financial groups or other investors.

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